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Quality Control

Reliability is one of the core values at CHINA HEAVY LIFT. Delivering top quality is therefore essential. Chinaheavylift never makes concessions to the quality of their products and services. That’s why they only use top-quality materials and components of quality-certified A-brands.

In the production process too a great deal of attention is paid to quality and the reduction of lead times. The latest technologies and techniques, a comprehensive quality assurance system and first-rate educational and training program for the employees all contribute to this.

Efficient use of materials and resources
During the production process raw materials are used in many ways. Reusing materials; applying carefully chosen paints and conservation agents that contain the smallest possible amount of harmful substances; using less water and energy during the production process; avoid wasting materials by producing without errors. This all helps.

More sustainable set-up of production processes and working environments
Closely monitoring the waste streams; reducing the energy consumption in the production and the offices by reorganising the offices and production environment; improvement of the production streams by implementing methodologies. These will reduce the impact of the production process on the environment.

Improving the environmental performance of Chinaheavylift trailers by factoring this in from the very first design phase
In the engineering phase of a trailer efforts are always made to find smarter designs and use of materials in order to improve the environmental performance of the Chinaheavylift trailers. By using lighter materials and components; designing intelligent systems to reduce wear; extending the service life by using top-quality materials and building robust constructions which give the trailers a longer life.

CHINA HEAVY LIFT passed ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification in 2003.

Through years’continuous efforts, main quality management system documents as below:

Management review procedure
Document control procedure
File management system
Record control procedure
Contract Control procedure
Design and development control procedure
Procurement control procedure
Subcontract control program
Material (parts) control procedure
Process control procedure
Production process control procedure
Welding control procedure
Heat treatment control procedure
NDT control procedure
Physical and chemical inspection control procedure
Inspection and testing control procedure
Inspection records and reports control system
Device control procedure
Inspection and test equipment control procedure
Nonconforming product (item) control procedure
Corrective and preventive measures to control procedure
Internal audit control procedure
Service Control procedure
Human resource control procedure
Perform special equipment licensing system
Quality Assurance Manual
Incoming inspection procedure
Process inspection specification
Fixed platform vehicles inspection operating instruction
Safety rules
Tooling, mold management
Process for Discipline Inspection