Heavy-duty Modular Trailers, Hydraulic multi axle Trailer, Cost Effective options, Simple operation

optional 685mm or 770mm min platform height, lowest dead weight on market, 34 ton axle load, simple accessible steering, a variety of model options

Capacity 34 Tons/axle line @0.5km/h
Dead weight 3.3 Tons/axle line
Material  S550 high tensile steel, 550Mpa
Platform height (mm) min 770 mm   1080(+290)(-310) mm
Wheelbase (mm) 1,550
Tire 215/75 R17.5   8 tires / axle line
Approach / Departure angle 20° / 26°
Support mode of platform 3 points and 4 points
Max.steering angle of first wheel + / – 55° in all ride heights
Technical Parameters Goldhofer heavy duty modules
Speed (Km/h) 0.5 5 10 20 30 40 50
Axle load (Tons) 34 30.7 28.2 25.8 21.6 20.0 18.4

Cost-Effective, Economical solution also works for heavy transportation.

CHINA HEAVY LIFT combine long-term know-how into product, set new standard in heavy transport sector, achieved best dead weight to payload capacity ratio.

The modular design of CHINA HEAVY LIFT offer a multitude of combination possibilities, adjustable for almost any transportation task. With its numerous model versions and choice of accessories, CHINA HEAVY LIFT is a reliable and cost- effective transport vehicle on public roads and for in-plant tasks.

Optional a variety of model which are able to Compatible with EU made trailers, such as Nicolas MDED, Scheuerle InterCombi, Kamag K25, Cometto MS.

CHINA HEAVY LIFT manufacture Heavy-duty Modular Trailers, Hydraulic multi axle Trailer, www.chinaheavylift.com

4 axle modular trailer

CHINA HEAVY LIFT manufacture Heavy-duty Modular Trailers, Hydraulic multi axle Trailer, www.chinaheavylift.com

production inside factory

CHINA HEAVY LIFT manufacture Heavy-duty Modular Trailers, Hydraulic multi axle Trailer, www.chinaheavylift.com

2 gooseneck + 20 axle lines

Nicolas drawing, www.chinaheavylift.com
CHINAHEAVYLIFT manufacture 13 axle lines Modular Trailers and units Gooseneck, www.chinaheavylift.com

As the Chinese leading manufacturer of Heavy-duty Modular Trailers, CHINA HEAVY LIFT has provided Reliable, Flexible and Cost-effective solutions for customers whose business involves transporting loads weighing from 100 ton to over 5,000 ton.

CHINA HEAVY LIFT have accordingly been committed for 15 years (since 2003) to the continuous further development of our modular trailer systems, which are deployed for all kinds of transport operations under the most demanding conditions.

CHINA HEAVY LIFT Philosophy is that we manufacture the most Reliable products in most Reasonable price. We want something improved. We offer Better capacity, competitive price, after-sale service, and spare parts supply chain. We’re always looking for the long term, high availability, cost-effective, we always try to provide a solution not just a product.

CHINA HEAVY LIFT is the Largest heavy-duty modular trailer manufacturer factory  – No.1 in China. we design our own standard trailers, also has the ability to Fully Compatible with other brand trailer base on long term research and development, such as Goldhofer THP/SL, Scheuerle Intercombi, Cometto MS, KAMAG K25, Nicolas MDED, with rich experience of oversea sales and after sale service for 9,400 axle lines in over 60 countries

Due to the flexibility, CHINAHEAVYLIFT Modular Trailers play an important role in most powerful heavy-duty transportation systems worldwide, such as in power plants, oil and gas industries, road transportation, shipyard and offshore industry, plant construction sites. Additional components (Combination Accessories) such as Gooseneck, Draw bar, Spacer, Dropdeck, Girder Bridge, Turn tables, etc. serve to ensure optimal adaptation to the requirements of each load and transport route.

Model series of Modular Trailers     Nothing is too heavy or big

CHINA HEAVY LIFT offer a wide product range comprises different model series of Modular Trailers with various load capacities, platform heights and vehicle widths

Accessories for Modular Trailers           Flexibility for all sorts of loads

CHINA HEAVY LIFT offer optional extensive range of Accessories to enhance your professional transport solution, such as Gooseneck, Drop Deck, Spacer, High Girder Bridge, Vessel Bridge, Turntable

Advantages of CHINA HEAVY LIFT           Nothing is too heavy for our modules

Safety is always the priority. an innovative modular trailer concept come from our technology and experience, Chinaheavylift is the right vehicle for any application, no worry about Heavy

compatible Goldhofer THP/SL

High bending moment on the market
By reinforcing the main beam, the admissible bending moment has been optimized and increased. Thus, CHINAHEAVYLIFT Modular Trailer offer the high bending moment for high load reserves. The height of the beams has been maximized in such way that make a robust and durable construction with high bending moment, high concentrated load bearing capacity.

compatible Goldhofer THP/SL

Reinforced lamellar coupling
The coupling fins on CHINAHEAVYLIFT Modular Trailers have been reinforced. This counteracts the usual rapid wear of the fins, which is originated by the steering movements of the vehicle combination in combination with a locked coupling cylinder. Furthermore, the reinforced fins of Modular Trailers stabilise end-to-end coupled vehicle combinations when driving around bends.

compatible Goldhofer THP/SL

High oil tank volume
CHINAHEAVYLIFT Modular Trailers has an oil tank integrated into the vehicle main beam frame, for example, one 6 axle lines module have oil volume of 220 litres. This enables the operation of transport combinations of up to 25 axle lines without an additional tank.

compatible Goldhofer THP/SL

Easy accessible steering track rods
Unrestricted access to the steering track rods ensures easy removing and coupling, without the need for laborious threading of the track rods. Depending on the configuration, only one end of the track rod needs to be loosened for relinking in a loaded state.

compatible Goldhofer THP/SL

Tested fixing and lashing material
CHINAHEAVYLIFT Modular Trailers comes with fixing and lashing material which has been tested and accepted by official authorities like CE Certificate. The lashing rings can be used for load securing and crane loading of the vehicle. The hole pattern for the side-by-side coupling elements has not been changed, therefore existing equipment can still be used.

compatible Goldhofer THP/SL

End-to-end, Longitudinal coupling parts and hydraulic pins
The mechanical end-to-end coupling of two vehicles is performed via a hydraulically lockable lamellar coupling.