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Extendable spacer, Telescopic beam for Modular Trailers (compatible Goldhofer)

CHINA HEAVY LIFT offer optional extensive range of Accessories to enhance your professional transport solution, such as Gooseneck, Drop Deck, Spacer, High Girder Bridge, Vessel Bridge, Turntable

Turntables are essential, especially when transporting long loads. While the height and weight distribution can be cleverly influenced by our vehicles, the length is usually based on the load and cannot be readjusted. This is where Chinaheavylift easily mountable turntables provide a solution. From 100 ton to 3,000 ton, they are flexible and improve the transport of long and self-supporting goods.

Long load Turntable drop deck link on Modular Trailer page, www.chinaheavylift.com

(compatible Goldhofer) Turntable for Modular Trailers

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