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10 axle Extendable lowbed semi trailers with hydraulic-suspension knuckle-steering

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Hydraulic Suspension ( 400 mm)
Hydraulic Gooseneck
Hydraulic Steering ( ± 40° )
Telescopic length 8 to 12 m, total length over 30 m
Optional 6 axle, 8 axle, 10 axle based on requirement
Hydraulic Ramp

Highly robust and simple axle technology for a long service life.
Axle suspension via hydraulics for high lateral stability with large and heavy loads.
Reliable axle technology for for low maintenance costs and high availability.

compatible Goldhofer THP/SL
compatible Goldhofer THP/SL
compatible Goldhofer THP/SL

Hydraulic Suspension

the platform (lifted by hydraulic suspension) can be securely positioned and loaded at different heights without mechanical locking. It enables the loading of gooseneck even for machines with low ground clearance.

compatible Goldhofer THP/SL

Telescopic Beam

extendable up to 50m with a high payload. economic and flexible solution to a multitude of different transport tasks, such as wind power plants (tower segments, generators, rotor or turbine blades)

compatible Goldhofer THP/SL

Hydraulic Gooseneck

hydraulic gooseneck enables the automatic load compensation between gooseneck and axles. moreover, it offers the possibility to lift and lower the front area of the loading platform, in order to facilitate the crossing of particularly uneven terrain

Knuckle-type Steering axle with Hydraulic Suspension

flexibility for most application and loading weight, thanks to hydraulic suspension axle compensation and knuckle steering angle of 40 degree. optimum manoeuvring characteristics are achieved

compatible Goldhofer THP/SL

Leaf spring and Hydraulic Suspension, axle compensation 400mm

compatible Goldhofer THP/SL

Knuckle-type Steering angle +/- 40 degree

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