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Wind Blade Adapter, Wind Blade Lifter, Windmill Turbine Rotor Blade Adapter

CHINA HEAVY LIFT offer optional extensive range of Accessories to enhance your professional transport solution, such as Gooseneck, Drop Deck, Spacer, High Girder Bridge, Vessel Bridge, Turntable

wind blade adapter on Goldhofer SPMT modular trailer link on Modular Trailer page,

Wind Blade Adapter on SPMT and Modular Trailers

Rotor blades are sensitive and extremely long, with a trend towards ever larger installations. Rotor blade lengths of up to 80 meters are not uncommon anymore. They can be transported in various ways with vehicles by CHINA HEAVY LIFT.

Telescopic Extendable Windmill Turbine Blade Trailer are a solid and economical solution for easy route sections. When space is limited, we can rely on the windmill rotor-blade adapters , wind blade lifter by CHINA HEAVY LIFT. Mounted on platform trailers, rotor blades can be picked up, positioned at an angle of up to 60°, pivoted as well as rotated around their own axis. Mounted on a quick-release plate, the rotor blades can be securely picked up and maneuvered around any obstacles. In areas with trees or buildings, hairpin turns or in the mountains – the fragile load is thus easily, safely and efficiently delivered to its destination.

Rotor blades for wind power plants frequently present haulage companies with a difficult task. Especially when dealing with the “last mile”, the transport is often more difficult particularly when tight corners or obstacles have to be negotiated. It is for precisely these situations that the new adapter generation from CHINA HEAVY LIFT provides the right solution to avoid obstacles such as trees or buildings with the rotor blades even more effectively. Also on steep hills or narrow winding mountainous roads, the position of the rotor blade can be adapted to the route without any time loss. At the same time, a wind sensor warns against exceeding a parameterizable wind speed. The new rotor blade adapter can be mounted and transported on both on a pulled platform trailer combination as well as self propelled modules, and guarantees flexible transportation of rotor blades from different manufacturers through the quick release plate and thus maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness in daily use.

main specification of Windmill Rotor Blade Adapter, Wind Blade Lifter:

  • Angle of inclination up to 60°
  • Max. rotation angle of the rotor blade +-110°
  • Maximum stability due to a hydraulically-operated, sliding counterweight in longitudinal and horizontal directions depending on the rotor blade position
  • Operating temperature – 20 °C up to + 40 °C
  • Radio remote control with display of wind speed, transverse gradient, blade position, ballast position
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