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Maintenance and Repair

Regular maintenance retains the value of your investment.

How old is your vehicle? How many operating hours has it already been in use? Under which conditions does it operate? Take advantage of the CHINA HEAVY LIFT Maintenance & Repair service.

Just like other vehicles, your vehicle should be maintained on a regular basis.

Therefore, CHINA HEAVY LIFT offer you an “Allround-Service”: have your vehicle serviced by our specialists. It is your decision, whether we do the maintenance – at our repair shop, at your plant or just directly at the place of operation.

Repair works
Service technicians
Maintenance service

We would be delighted to prepare you a good service !

Model series of Modular Trailers     Nothing is too heavy or big

CHINA HEAVY LIFT offer a wide product range comprises different model series of Modular Trailers with various load capacities, platform heights and vehicle widths

compatible Goldhofer THP/SL
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compatible Goldhofer THP/SL
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Accessories for Modular Trailers           Flexibility for all sorts of loads

CHINA HEAVY LIFT offer optional extensive range of Accessories to enhance your professional transport solution, such as Gooseneck, Drop Deck, Spacer, High Girder Bridge, Vessel Bridge, Turntable